The library has two Research Assistants Programs. We can train your newly hired research assistants or you can "borrow" one of ours for short-term research projects.

New Research Assistants

Upon hiring a new research assistant, notify us, and we will grant them the ability to check out material in your name.  Also upon hiring a new research assistant, we will be happy to review their research skills with them. Have your research assistant contact your liaison librarian, and they will work with the student to make sure they are able to do complete and thorough research. For efficiency's sake, you might want to have your assistant contact us as you give them assignments. We will work with that material.

Short-Term Research Assistants Provided by the Library

We hire a small cadre of work-study students to act as short term research assistants. If you have a small project that would call for a research assistant, but does not involve enough work to justify hiring someone yourself (i.e. cite checking for a written article), please bring it to your liaison librarian, and we will have one of our research assistants do the work under our supervision.