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Faculty Liaisons


Faculty members are invited to call or email their liaisons for all of their library needs. Librarian liaisons for each faculty member, clinic, journal, and other experiential courses are listed below. Faculty research assistants should also feel free to contact liaisons for assistance and guidance with faculty research. If a liaison cannot be reached and immediate assistance is required, faculty members are asked to call the Reference Desk or the Circulation Desk.

Emeritus, Adjunct, Fellows, Visiting, and Affiliated faculty are encouraged to take advantage of library services. For more information, please contact the reference desk at your resident location.

Newark Faculty & Liaisons

Craig Agule Rebecca Kunkel
Charles Auffant Jootaek Lee
Sahar Aziz Rebecca Kunkel
Dennis Kim-Prieto
Carlos Ball Marjorie Crawford
Greg Baltz Judith Simms
Bernard Bell Marjorie Crawford
Vera Bergelson Judith Simms
Amy Bitterman Rebecca Kunkel
Johanna Bond Caroline Young
Nancy Talley
Sarah Camiscoli Marjorie Crawford
Esther Canty-Barnes Dennis Kim-Prieto
Ron Chen Jootaek Lee
Todd Clear Rebecca Kunkel
Laura Cohen Dennis Kim-Prieto
Jean-Marc Coicaud Jootaek Lee
Jorge Contesse Jootaek Lee
Rose Cuison Villazor Dennis Kim-Prieto
Sarah Dadush Rebecca Kunkel
Kelley Deere Marjorie Crawford
Donna Dennis Rebecca Kunkel
Jon Dubin Dennis Kim-Prieto
Douglas Eakeley Jootaek Lee
Sandy Freund Jootaek Lee
Matteo Gatti Rebecca Kunkel
Jonathan Gingerich Marjorie Crawford
Rachel Godsil Jootaek Lee
Steve Gold Judith Simms
Carlos González Marjorie Crawford
Stuart Green Dennis Kim-Prieto
Anjum Gupta Judith Simms
Yuliya Guseva Judith Simms
Adil Haque Judith Simms
Taja-Nia Henderson Jootaek Lee
Christina Ho Judith Simms
Barbara Hoffman Judith Simms
Alan Hyde Jootaek Lee
John Kettle Jootaek Lee
Suzanne Kim Dennis Kim-Prieto
Shani King Dennis Kim-Prieto
Emily Kline Jootaek Lee
Barbara Lee Judith Simms
John Leubsdorf Judith Simms
David Lopez Jootaek Lee
Randi Mandelbaum Dennis Kim-Prieto
David Noll Jootaek Lee
Chrystin Ondersma Judith Simms
Brandon Paradise Marjorie Crawford
Louis Raveson Dennis Kim-Prieto
Harry M. Rhea Jootaek Lee
Anibal Rossrio-LeBron Jootaek Lee
Andrew Rossner Marjorie Crawford
Andrew Rothman Marjorie Crawford
Kathryn Sabbeth Marjorie Crawford
Sabrina Safrin Jootaek Lee
Tomica Saul Rebecca Kunkel
Fadi Shaheen Rebecca Kunkel
Amy Soled Dennis Kim-Prieto
Beth Stephens Rebecca Kunkel
Sarah L. Swan Judith Simms
George Thomas Dennis Kim-Prieto
David Troutt Jootaek Lee
Jennifer Rosen Valverde Rebecca Kunkel
Penny Venetis Rebecca Kunkel
Theodore Weitz Rebecca Kunkel
Reid Weisbord Rebecca Kunkel
Amy Widman Dennis Kim-Prieto

Camden Faculty & Liaisons

Ari Afilalo Jingwei Zhang
Johanna Bond Nancy Talley
Caroline Young
Linda Bosniak Jingwei Zhang
Lee Carpenter Charlotte Schneider
Michael Carrier Charlotte Schneider
Victoria Chase Jingwei Zhang
Roger Clark Jingwei Zhang
Adam Crews Charlotte Schneider
Perry Dane Charlotte Schneider
Katie Eyer Jingwei Zhang
Gary Francione Nancy Talley
David Frankford Charlotte Schneider
Ann Freedman Charlotte Schneider
Steve Friedell Jingwei Zhang
Jill Friedman Charlotte Schneider
Sally Goldfarb Nancy Talley
Ellen Goodman Charlotte Schneider
Joanne Gottesman Jingwei Zhang
Barbara Gotthelf Nancy Talley
Stacy Hawkins Nancy Talley
Richard Hyland Charlotte Schneider
Pam Jenoff Jingwei Zhang
Andrea Johnson Charlotte Schneider
Thea Johnson Charlotte Schneider
Margo Kaplan Jingwei Zhang
J.D. King Charlotte Schneider
Don Korobkin Charlotte Schneider
Kati Kovacs Charlotte Schneider
Arthur Laby Nancy Talley
Michael Livingston Nancy Talley
JC Lore Nancy Talley
Earl Maltz Nancy Talley
Cresente Molina Jingwei Zhang
Kim Mutcherson Charlotte Schneider
Alison Nissen Charlotte Schneider
John Oberdiek Charlotte Schneider
Traci Overton Charlotte Schneider
Dennis Patterson Charlotte Schneider
Cymie Payne Jingwei Zhang
Sarah Ricks Jingwei Zhang
Ruth Anne Robbins Nancy Talley
Jacob Russell Nancy Talley
Seema Saifee Nancy Talley
Adam Scales Charlotte Schneider
Meredith Schalick Nancy Talley
Matt Shapiro Charlotte Schneider
Sandra Simkins Nancy Talley
Ray Solomon Nancy Talley
Allan Stein Charlotte Schneider
Rick Swedloff Nancy Talley
Elenore Wade Nancy Talley
Alec Walen Jingwei Zhang
Margaret Zhang Jingwei Zhang
Adnan Zulfiqar Nancy Talley

Journals, Clinics, Moot Courts
Camden & Newark locations

Clinics  Liaison
Child Advocacy Clinic Dennis Kim-Prieto
Civil Justice Clinic Marjorie Crawford
Community and Transactional Lawyering Clinic Dennis Kim-Prieto
Constitutional Rights Clinic Dennis Kim-Prieto
Criminal and Youth Justice Clinic Rebecca Kunkel
Education and Health Law Clinic Rebecca Kunkel
Entrepreneurship Clinic Marjorie Crawford
Federal Tax Law Clinic Marjorie Crawford
Housing Justice & Tenant Solidarity Clinic Judith Simms
Immigrant Rights Clinic Jootaek Lee
Intellectual Property Law Clinic Dennis Kim-Prieto
International Human Rights Clinic Jootaek Lee
Rutgers University Law Review Camden: Zhang
Newark: Kim-Prieto
Rutgers Business Law Review (Newark) Marjorie Crawford
Rutgers Computer & Technology Law Review (Newark) Rebecca Kunkel
Rutgers International Law & Human Rights Journal (Newark) Jootaek Lee
Rutgers Journal of Law and Public Policy (Camden) Jingwei Zhang
Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion (Camden) Jingwei Zhang
Rutgers Law Record (Newark) Dennis Kim-Prieto
Rutgers Race and the Law Review (Newark) Marjorie Crawford
Women's Rights Law Reporter (Newark) Rebecca Kunkel
Other Courses  
Hunter Moot Court (Camden) Nancy Talley