Please visit our Library Policies page for more information on library access, borrowing, patron, and other policies.

Interlibrary Loan: Interlibrary loan services are available for all Rutgers Students, Faculty, and Staff. If you can't find what you are looking for in the Law Library or through RUL, consider making an Interlibrary Loan request. You can place an ILL request directly by activating and using your own ILL account, or we can help smooth the process by making an ILL request for you. Students who are doing source-collecting for Journals are advised to use Journal credential when placing ILL requests. Please ask at the reference desk for details and assistance. Contact your liaison for help or call the Camden Branch or Newark Branch Reference Desks.

Materials borrowed via inter-library loan must be returned to the Circulation Desk at the branch of the Law Library from which they were borrowed.


The Law Library maintains electronic copies of selected Law School Exams given in Newark between Fall 1992 and 2012. These documents are available to only the Faculty, Staff, and Students of Rutgers Law School. Use your NetID and password to access the archive. If you encounter any error, please contact Wei Fang.


Faculty Services

Information for Faculty Research Assistants.

Research and Reference: Faculty should contact their Librarian Liaison for general or in-depth reference and research questions and projects.

Retrieval of Library Materials: With adequate notice, Access Services can retrieve library materials for you and have them delivered to your office, to your faculty support person, or placed on the hold shelf for pickup by you or your Research Assistant.

New Books: Follow this link to find this month's new book list.

RUL Book Retrieval: When you are searching the Rutgers University Libraries catalog use the "Book Special Delivery" feature to have books delivered to the Law Library. We will notify you when we receive the books on your behalf and have them delivered to your office, to your faculty support person, or placed on the hold shelf for pickup by you or your Research Assistant.

Document Delivery from Law Library and RUL databases: With adequate notice we can search through our databases and those available to us from RUL to find any articles you may want. We will notify you when we retrieve and print the articles for you and have them delivered to your office, to your faculty support person, or placed on the hold shelf for pickup by you or your Research Assistant.

Book Purchase: If you think we should add a particular item to our collection for general use or for your specific use please contact your liaison or Nancy Talley.

Bibliographies: We can help your research by preparing a bibliography of books and articles related to your research topic.Working with our Library RA Pool, we can prepare an annotated bibliography for your review. Contact your liaison to set up a meeting to discuss the preparation of a bibliography that fits your research need.

Course Reserves: If you need to post written or AV materials on course reserves please contact Yvena Hypolite. Please allow 48 hours to post the materials and make them available to your students.

Cite Checking: Although Library Faculty do not have sufficient resources to help you with a major cite checking project, we can help you with occasional citation consultation. If you do not have an RA, consider the possibility of having a member of the Library RA Pool do citation review. We cannot do citation reviews of articles that are being submitted to student-edited journals.

Library Research Assistant Pool: If you have a short term research project contact your liaison to see if using a Library RA is possible. The Library RA Pool is designed to provide limited research assistance to help faculty who do not have an RA. Our RAs work under our supervision and can even perform limited cite-checking services.

Classroom Assistance: With adequate notice, Library Faculty will appear as guest lecturers in your classroom to provide instruction on research resources relevant to your course.Follow this link to find more on Classroom Assistance.

Publication: See our faculty publication page* for assistance in posting your articles or drafts to SSRN, your bePress page, or tips on how to set up an eXpresso account and make submissions. Follow our links to sources that outline calls for papers, writing competitions, and the like.

Student Services

Research and Reference: Reference Librarians can assist students with any legal research matters and are available to students at the reference desk and by appointment for more in-depth legal research instruction.

Communications with Students: All communications from the library to students will be conducted by e-mail, using their official university e-mail address and/or the e-mail address that is listed in the law school student directory.  It is the responsibility of the student to regularly check these e-mail accounts, and to make sure these e-mail addresses are accurate.

Borrowing: For all students, circulating materials may be checked out for one month. All materials may be renewed unless recalled by another patron.

Overdue Books: Students are responsible for the full cost of replacement of lost or damaged books and other circulating material checked out to them. It a book is lost or damaged, the student will be charged a replacement and processing fee of $25.00 per item. Students may contact the Circulation Librarian for the actual replacement and processing cost of any lost or damaged item.

Fines are not charged for overdue books, but students are responsible for returning books by the duedate. A hold will be placed on the borrowing privileges and academic records of any student with overdue materials. Please be aware that in the legal field, it is common for potential employers to require a recent academic transcript. In addition, a hold on your academic record will interfere with providing proof of graduation when applying to the Bar. It is therefore important that all borrowed materials be returned, and that lost materials be paid for.

For graduating students, diplomas will be held back until all obligations to the library are satisfied.